Super Smash Flash 3

SuperSmashFlash3Super Smash Flash 3 is actually one of the most popular fighting flash online game which counts a large number of fans around the world. This online game is well known not only as a result of it’s great game play,design and sounds, it is also popular as it features a large amount of famous cartoon characters. The most common cartoon characters in super smash flash 3 that you can meet are : Pikachu, Megaman,Link,Kirby,Mario and so on.

The popularity of the game is pretty large. The game includes a lot of heroes with unique special powers and talents. At
the start of this game, you will get only Thirteen characters, other 28 can be unlocked afterwards. Each character comes with around 5 attack movements, however some of them have likewise exclusive strike techniques.

SSF3 is definitely much more than a standard flash game. Have you ever seen a flash game that has 28 unique character with several game options(single mode, contest mode, multiplayer mode)? The sole fact that this game loads about 75 mb. let us to call it the greatest online game.

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